Augmenting Reality Through Wearable Devices

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Wearable devices such as smart watches, fitness bands, and other easily concealable sensors are become ever more ubiquitous in today’s society. People are often checking their steps, heart rate, or text messages, with the same ease in which they would check the time only a few years ago. With all the data being collected and shared there is a new opportunity to leverage this information to better inform augmented reality. With wearable devices, there is the ability to create a fully personal augmented reality experience, tailored to the user’s preferences, abilities and bio-metrics. This includes the ability to track things like heart rate and skin temperature, and inform runners when they are overheating, or suggest to sedentary workers that they perform exercise, and take the stairs, but when combined with rich interactive narrative, rules, and goals the feedback from these devices become an augmented reality game.

The ability for wearables to support augmented reality experiences is already in place. Users often already own the devices and they already interact with their own phones, or computers. It is possible to both leverage a single user’s data, but also aggregate data across users and provide an even more immersive experience. This research discusses the use of wearable sensors in a framework of more complicated augmented experiences with design examples user analysis from a smart watch game for pedestrian safety (Crime Watch), and the wearable technology infrastructure that supports it.


Smart watches Wearable technology Augmented reality Ubiquitous computing Gamification 


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