Using iBeacons for Location-Based Tracking in Alternate Reality Games: A Pilot Study

  • Alexia MandevilleEmail author
  • Carrie Crossley
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iBeacons provide location-based tracking that can act as a powerful tool in data collection as well as design for alternate reality gaming. Using beacons to incorporate location-based tracking in a museum environment, E2i Creative Studio conducted a pilot study using a mobile event application in order to test the feasibility of using an alternate reality game to collect data on the visitors in the physical space. Four hundred users engaged in the app and game, providing researchers with valuable timing and tracking data. From the data collected, this paper informs and provides insights for engaging players in virtual reality through location-based gaming using iBeacons.


Alternate reality Location-based gaming Location data iBeacons Game design Bluetooth low energy devices Gamification Positional data Indoor-positioning systems Museums 


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