Research on Motion Model for Technique Movements of Competitive Swimming in Virtual Interactive Environment

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With the constant improvement of technologies for virtual interaction, it has gradually become a fashion to have virtual interactions about sports. For virtual interaction, unity 3D isn’t only effective for presenting a 3A-rated vivid virtual environment, but may also perfectly interact with Motion Sensing equipment. As brand new and cutting-edge technologies in current field of 3D digital interactive multimedia, virtual interaction and Motion Sensing technologies have broad prospects for development and great space for applied research, so they may contribute to more research and applications in terms of sports. Based on literature consultation, interview, experiment and mathematical analysis, sports forms and environment are simulated by virtual reality technologies, to create a lifelike virtual 3D environment for sports. Virtual interaction is made possible for swimming to create a brand new sports pattern. Different movement orbits of human actions are acquired from virtual environment with Kinect Motion Sensing equipment, in order that 3D human body models could move in virtual swimming scenes. Suggestions are made to further improve the creation of virtual reality environment and add virtual equipment, so that virtual realities may be more vivid. With the use of Motion Sensing technologies, the application of more sports in virtual Motion Sensing interaction will be promoted.


Motion Sensing Virtual interaction Kinect Unity 3D 



We thank Wei Tian, Lu Qi and Du Yunyun for helpful discussions and the referees for greatly improving the manuscript. The research was supported by The National Social Science Fund of China.


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