The Interaction Design Research About 3D Demo Animation in Smart Home

  • Minggang Yang
  • Xiaofan MaEmail author
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In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, people’s living standards are generally improved and have played a very important role in our future life. Nowadays, we live in a fast-paced era that leaded by information, the heavy and boring instructions inevitably become a kind of burden before using appliances. In addition, it is a painful sorrow among the children, the old or the special people. However, the rise of 3D demo animation solves the problems very well. It exhibits the products from all aspects by the form of animation. Besides, in order to make users have more direct experiences, some film design companies put the interaction technology into it. It is direct interaction that brings users a combined feel of novelty, favor and trust, at the same time, it reduces the distance between products and users. So, products made by animation as well as interaction design should be explained from users’ view when design the 3D demo animation of smart home, which can make demo animation be more functional and interesting through some simple actions such as click, lither to let users know and use the appliance cheerfully. The interaction design of the 3D demo animation not only pay attention to the different gender region different requirements of age groups, but also study the different needs of special populations. It notices their needs on the basis of general design. This article lists some excellent 3D animation works at home and abroad, which display the products and the unique cultural image of the corporate by the way of interaction. This passage researches the physiological and psychological characteristics of the users when they touch the new product, then, it analyzes the design principle of the 3D demo animation as well as the users’ experiences. In the end, this paper not only make a analysis but also make a summary on the shortcomings of the interaction design. At the same time, it puts forward direction and suggestions for improvement of interaction design.


Interaction design Demo animation Users’ experiences 


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