Providing CUDA Acceleration to KVM Virtual Machines in InfiniBand Clusters with rCUDA

  • Ferran Pérez
  • Carlos Reaño
  • Federico Silla
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9687)


There is a trend towards using graphics processing units (GPUs) not only for graphics visualization, but also for accelerating scientific applications. But their use for this purpose is not without disadvantages: GPUs increase costs and energy consumption. Furthermore, GPUs are generally underutilized. Using virtual machines could be a possible solution to address these problems, however, current solutions for providing GPU acceleration to virtual machines environments, such as KVM or Xen, present some issues. In this paper we propose the use of remote GPUs to accelerate scientific applications running inside KVM virtual machines. Our analysis shows that this approach could be a possible solution, with low overhead when used over InfiniBand networks.


CUDA KVM Virtualization InfiniBand HPC 



This work was funded by Generalitat Valenciana under Grant PROMETEOII/2013/009 of the PROMETEO program phase II. The authors are grateful for the generous support provided by Mellanox Technologies and the equipment donated by NVIDIA Corporation.


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