Haptic Relay - Including Haptic Feedback in Online Video Game Streams

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The popularity of streaming video game sessions has been on a constant increase. Players stream their games as well as cameras facing them, while providing a description of the game play to the viewers. Fellow players watch the games to learn tips and tricks, as well as to learn what to expect when playing the game themselves. This is a great learning tool; however, the current rendition of streaming video games is missing a key factor in video game satisfaction - tactile feedback. All mainstream video game consoles contain some sort of haptic feedback in the form of a rumble and provides greater immersion in to the game; however, this modality is missing from the live streams. Haptic information in some games is also essential for game play by people who are visually impaired. This paper presents Haptic Relay, a method of providing real time haptic feedback for online video game broadcasts.


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