Contextual Presentation and Navigation of Historical Artifacts in a Digital Library Design

  • Joseph R. Galindo
  • Patricia A. MorrealeEmail author
Conference paper
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A digital library has been designed to present a historically significant collection of World War II letters in both temporal and geographical context. Working closely with historical scholars, over 800 WWII historical records have been made publically available for the use of researchers and historians on the web. Digital library design issues encountered as part of this effort dealt with the development of a website from original artifacts and the rendering of this historical content in a visual, geographical, and temporal context, increasing and extending the reach of information previously available only to on-site historical researchers. The current digital library prototype can serve as a model for other developers that are interested in multimodal presentation of varied content.


Digital library database user-centered design contextual presentation 



The authors acknowledge the Department of History at Kean University, particularly Dr. Elizabeth Hyde and Dr. Jonathan Mercanti, for providing input crucial to the relevancy of this design to the historical archivist field of research. Kean University, home to the Nancy Thompson World War II collection, provided access and web hosting support for the development of the digital library presented here.


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