Evaluation Approaches for HCI Related Aspects of Occupational Safety Regulations Exemplified by Mobile Hotel Booking Applications

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The popularity of smartphones led to a rising and still increasing amount of mobile hotel bookings through applications like, Expedia or HRS. Usually these kind of applications allow the users to book the amount of hotel rooms, the amount of nights and amenities needed for a stay in a hotel. Compared to classical travel bureaus or bookings made on stationary desktop computers, apps offer a higher degree of flexibility and personalization as they are not primary designed for the planning stage of a trip. Mobile apps also make it possible to change initial aspects of the booking on the trip or to give the traveler personal real-time information regarding the trip. Business travelers often are obliged to use certain applications their company defined in their travel regulations. Therefore this paper aims at defining the requirements of occupational safety regulations in this kind of applications.


Occupational safety User experience Travel Context Hotel booking Mobile 


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