RESTful Conversation with RESTalk

The Use Case of Doodle
Conference paper
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With the availability of multiple Web services, offering identical or similar utilities, their ease of use has become a valuable success factor, highly influenced by API’s documentation quality. Tools are available for documenting the various technical details pertaining to the static structure of RESTful services. Additionally, we have identified interest in and usefulness of also depicting API’s behaviour, i.e., the viable RESTful conversations defined as multiple client-server interactions necessary to utilize certain service functionality. RESTalk, the REST domain specific language we have designed for modeling RESTful conversations, facilitates the conceptual modeling and visualisation of API’s behaviour. In this poster paper, we extend RESTalk with new language constructs and apply it on a real RESTful API, the Doodle API, which refers to RESTful conversations between multiple clients and one server.


RESTful web services Multiparty conversations Domain Specific Language Real API Use case Doodle 


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