nPool: Massively Distributed Simultaneous Evolution and Cross-Validation in EC-Star

  • Babak HodjatEmail author
  • Hormoz Shahrzad
Part of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation book series (GEVO)


We introduce a cross-validation algorithm called nPool that can be applied in a distributed fashion. Unlike classic k-fold cross-validation, the data segments are mutually exclusive, and training takes place only on one segment. This system is well suited to run in concert with the EC-Star distributed Evolutionary system, cross-validating solution candidates during a run. The system is tested with different numbers of validation segments using a real-world problem of classifying ICU blood-pressure time series.


Evolutionary computation Distributed processing Machine learning Cross-validation 



The authors wish to thank Sentient Technologies for sponsoring this research and providing the processing capacity required for the experiments presented in this paper.


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