Sampled-Data Output-Feedback Fuzzy Controller for Nonlinear Systems Based on Polynomial Fuzzy Model-Based Control Approach

  • Hak-Keung LamEmail author
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 64)


This chapter considers a sampled-data output-feedback polynomial fuzzy model-based control system which is formed by a nonlinear plant represented by the polynomial fuzzy model and a sampled-data output-feedback polynomial fuzzy controller connected in a closed loop. SOS-based stability analysis considering the effect due to sampling and zero-order-hold activities is performed using the input-delay method. SOS-based stability conditions are obtained to determine the system stability and synthesize the controller. A simulation example is presented to demonstrate the design procedure and the results show that the sampled-data output-feedback polynomial fuzzy controller can be designed to stabilize a nonlinear system using the obtained SOS-based stability conditions.


Polynomial Fuzzy Model Fuzzy Controller Sampled-data Output Feedback Input Delay Approach Stability Analysis Results 
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