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Programmable, Controllable Networks

  • Nicholas Bastin
  • Rick McGeer


We describe OpenFlow, a first step on the road to networks which are fully integrated into the IT infrastructure ecosystem. We review the history of OpenFlow, its precursors, its design and initial implementations. We discuss its use within the GENI project and the applications and services developers have built on the OpenFlow platform. Finally, we review the implementation issues with OpenFlow, and consider extensions and the next generation of Software-Defined Networking.


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We have been fortunate to enjoy the support of a number of brilliant colleagues and a vibrant ecosystem throughout the course of this project. Sujata Banerjee was instrumental in ensuring that many of the commercial and academic researchers who wanted to experiment with OpenFlow could do so on commercial switches. Charles Clark of HP Networking was the first person to suggest hybrid switching and using OpenFlow on specific VLANs. Nick McKeown and Guru Parulkar of Stanford were unfailingly supportive throughout this process. The legions of GENI users and experimenters provided invaluable feedback. The initiative of the campuses first involved in the initial OpenFlow trials was critical, and Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Russ Clark, and Ron Hutchins. were notably helpful.


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