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The GENI Experiment Engine

  • Andy Bavier
  • Rick McGeer


The GENI Experiment Engine (GEE) is a lightweight, easy-to-use Platform-as-a-Service on GENI inspired by PlanetLab. The GEE offers one-click creation of slicelets (sets of lightweight containers), single-pane-of-glass orchestration and configuration of slice execution, an integrated intra-slice messaging system, and will soon offer a wide-area file system, and an integrated reverse proxy mechanism. A key design goal of the GEE was simplicity: it should be possible for a new user to get up-and-running with GEE in less than 5 min. The GEE is constructed as an overlay on GENI resources and is available to all GENI users.


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The authors thank Leigh Stoller and Rob Ricci of the University of Utah and Niky Riga and Mark Berman of the GPO for much logistical assistance in setting up and maintaining the GEE Slicelets; Niky Riga, Vic Thomas, and Sarah Edwards of the GPO for counsel and logistical assistance in setting up GEE tutorials; Marshall Brinn of the GPO and Nick Bastin of Barnstomer Softworks for productive conversations; Chip Elliott of the GPO for years of guidance; Bill Wallace, Joe Kochan and the staff at US Ignite; Patrick Scaglia, Dan Ingalls, Alan Kay, Sanjay Rajagopalan, and Carlie Pham of SAP/CDG for financial and logistical support and mentoring; Robert Krahn and Marko Roder of SAP/CDG for assistance with our Lively Web monitoring front end; and Jack Brassil of the InstaGENI project and HP Labs for invaluable help. This chapter is an extension and update of previous workshop [6] and conference [7] papers, and we thank our co-authors: Jim Chen, Yvonne Coady, Joe Mambretti, Jude Nelson, Sean McGeer, Pat O’Connell, Glenn Ricart and Stephen Tredger. Sean McGeer designed the GENI Experiment Engine logo and is responsible for the look and feel of the GEE portal, and the aesthetically-challenged authors thank him for our portal. The students of CS 462/CS 662 at the University of Victoria, Canada, used the GEE for assignments and class projects in the spring of 2015, and gave us invaluable feedback. Of particular note was Matt Hemmings, who used the GEE to deploy the Distributed Visualizer and whose feedback was very helpful. This project was partially funded by the GENI Project Office under subaward from the National Science Foundation.


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