The GENI Vision: Origins, Early History, Possible Futures

  • Peter A. FreemanEmail author


This paper presents the vision of GENI as first formulated at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in early 2004 and expanded during 2004–2007, identifies what forces shaped the basic idea during its formation, and comments on where it may go in the future. The paper describes motivations, concepts, and history—not technical details—that were in play between 2004 and 2007 as the GENI Project was being formulated and launched, and that continue today. Understanding the original vision and goals, basic ideas, and motivations of the GENI Project; the context in which it emerged; and the forces that shaped the Project will enable you to understand better the technical details and changes that occur in the future. I end with some comments about possible futures for GENI.


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I have already acknowledged that without the networking community there would be no GENI. My colleagues at NSF, principally Guru Parulkar, Deborah Crawford, and Larry Landweber, deserve a very large amount of credit for bringing GENI into existence. In addition, their comments on this paper and an earlier, longer version have been very helpful. The editors of this volume have also contributed useful suggestions on the paper.

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