Public Transport, Logistics and Rail Traffic Extensions in SUMO

  • Andreas KendziorraEmail author
  • Melanie Weber
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mobility book series (LNMOB)


Disasters and major events affect the efficiency of passenger and freight transportation. The project VABENE++ considers the question what happens when the transport network is disturbed due such an event. Within this project, the German Aerospace Centre developed a decision support tool that provides consolidated information and operation recommendations regarding individual motor car traffic based on traffic simulation performed by SUMO. Recently, it was aimed to realise simulation scenarios in which incidents impairing the transport network occur, and that focus on multimodal transportation systems. To enable this, the implementation of public transport in SUMO was extended and a new logistic concept was implemented. Furthermore, rail signals were implemented to enable more realistic rail-bound traffic, as this mode of transport is very significant for both public transport and logistics. The present paper presents these extensions in detail and outlines its usefulness in examples.


SUMO Logistic Transport Public transport Railway 


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