Networked Robots

  • Dezhen SongEmail author
  • Ken Goldberg
  • Nak-Young Chong
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As of 2013, almost all robots have access to computer networks that offer extensive computing, memory, and other resources that can dramatically improve performance. The underlying enabling framework is the focus of this chapter: networked robots. Networked robots trace their origin to telerobots or remotely controlled robots. Telerobots are widely used to explore undersea terrains and outer space, to defuse bombs and to clean up hazardous waste. Until 1994, telerobots were accessible only to trained and trusted experts through dedicated communication channels. This chapter will describe relevant network technology, the history of networked robots as it evolves from teleoperation to cloud robotics, properties of networked robots, how to build a networked robot, example systems. Later in the chapter, we focus on the recent progress on cloud robotics, and topics for future research.


Cloud Computing Mobile Robot Augmented Reality Transmission Control Protocol Common Object Request Broker Architecture 
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asymmetric digital subscriber line






collision avoidance


computer-aided drafting


collision detection


common gateway interface


Collaborative Observatory for Nature Environments


common object request broker architecture


central processing unit


carrier-sense multiple-access


deoxyribonucleic acid


Department of Defense




first-in first-out


feasible minimum buffering time


fiber to the home


high data rate digital subscriber line


high-performance computing


hypertext markup language


hypertext transmission protocol


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Internet Information Services


internet protocol


integrated services digital network


Internet service provider


Java server pages


multiple operator multiple robot


multiple operator single robot


operating system


personal roving presence


quality of service


quasistatic telerobotics


research and development


radio frequency identification


radio frequency


robot operating system


software development kit


spatial dynamic voting


single operator multiple robot


single operator single robot


transmission control protocol


unmanned aerial vehicle


user data protocol


Ubiquitous Robotic Companion


uniform resource locator


virtual reality modeling language


wide-area network


wireless markup language


world wide web


extensible hyper text markup language


extensible markup language


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