Biomimetic Robots

  • Kyu-Jin ChoEmail author
  • Robert Wood
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Biomimetic robot designs attempt to translate biological principles into engineered systems, replacing more classical engineering solutions in order to achieve a function observed in the natural system. This chapter will focus on mechanism design for bio-inspired robots that replicate key principles from nature with novel engineering solutions. The challenges of biomimetic design include developing a deep understanding of the relevant natural system and translating this understanding into engineering design rules. This often entails the development of novel fabrication and actuation to realize the biomimetic design.

This chapter consists of four sections. In Sect. 23.1, we will define what biomimetic design entails, and contrast biomimetic robots with bio-inspired robots. In Sect. 23.2, we will discuss the fundamental components for developing a biomimetic robot. In Sect. 23.3, we will review detailed biomimetic designs that have been developed for canonical robot locomotion behaviors including flapping-wing flight, jumping, crawling, wall climbing, and swimming. In Sect. 23.4, we will discuss the enabling technologies for these biomimetic designs including material and fabrication.


Shape Memory Alloy Face Sheet Soft Lithography Flexure Hinge Snake Robot 
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active cord mechanism


bending fluidic actuator


carbon fiber


carbon fiber reinforced prepreg


central pattern generation


direct current


degree of freedom


fused deposition modeling


fiber-reinforced prepreg


ionic polymer-metal composite


micro aerial vehicles


microelectromechanical system


micromechanical flying insect


mesencephalic locomotor region




pneumatic network


rapid prototyping


smart composite microstructure


shape deposition manufacturing




selective laser sintering


shape memory alloy


smart soft composite


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