Use of New Vitamin D Analogs in Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Riccardo Floreani
  • Mario CozzolinoEmail author


Vitamin D is a common treatment against secondary hyperparathyroidism in renal patients. However, the rationale for the prescription of vitamin D sterols in chronic kidney disease (CKD) is rapidly increasing due to the coexistence of growing expectancies close to unsatisfactory evidences, such as the lack of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) proving the superiority of any vitamin D sterol against placebo on patient-centered outcomes, the scanty clinical data on head-to-head comparisons between the multiple vitamin D sterols currently available, the absence of RCTs confirming the crescent expectations on nutritional vitamin D pleiotropic effects even in CKD patients and the promising effects of vitamin D receptors activators (VDRA) against proteinuria and myocardial hypertrophy in diabetic CKD cohorts. The present chapter arguments these issues focusing on the opened questions that nephrologists should consider dealing with the prescription and the choice of a VDRA.


VDRA Alfacalcidol Doxercalciferol Paricalcitol Cinacalcet Secondary hyperparathyroidism Albuminuria Left ventricular hypertrophy Left atrial dimension Bone histology Bone mineral density Kidney transplantation 


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