Prognosis in Infective Endocarditis

  • Isidre Vilacosta
  • Carmen Olmos Blanco
  • Cristina Sarriá Cepeda
  • Javier López Díaz
  • Carlos Ferrera Durán
  • David Vivas Balcones
  • Luis Maroto Castellanos
  • José Alberto San Román Calvar


Despite diagnostic and therapeutic improvements, infective endocarditis remains associated with high mortality and severe complications. When assessing the prognosis of patients with endocarditis, three different clinical periods should be distinguished: prognostic assessment at admission, early risk reassessment during the first week of antibiotics, and short and long-term prognosis after discharge. The three cornerstones for diagnosis and prognosis of patients with endocarditis are based on physical examination (signs of heart failure), echocardiography (periannular complications), and blood cultures (S. aureus infection). These predictors can be available in the first 72 h after admission. Besides the above mentioned three clinical periods, for those patients who require surgical treatment in the active phase of the disease, an accurate surgical risk score would help to recognize which patients have a high risk and should not be sent to surgery.


Left-sided endocarditis Prognosis Heart failure Periannular complications Risk score Surgery 


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