Quantum Walks in Low Dimension

  • Tatsuya TateEmail author
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Discrete-time quantum walks are defined as a non-commutative analogue of the usual random walks on standard lattices and have been formulated in computer sciences. They are new objects in mathematics and are investigated in various areas, such as computer sciences, quantum physics, probability theory, and discrete geometric analysis. In this article, recent works on point-wise asymptotic behavior and an effective formula for nth power of the discrete-time quantum walks in one dimension are surveyed. The idea to obtain the formula for the nth power in one dimension is applied in this paper to compute the nth power of certain two-dimensional quantum walk, called the Grover walk to obtain a new formula for the two-dimensional Grover walk. The formula for nth power in one dimension has been used to prove a weak limit theorem. In this paper, the large deviation asymptotics, in one dimension, is deduced by using this formula which is a new proof of a previously obtained result.


One-dimensional quantum walks two-dimensional Grover walk semi-direct products, asymptotics 


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