Development of a Design of a Drop‐In Hydrogen Fueling Station to Support the Early Market Buildout of Hydrogen Infrastructure: Topic-9

  • Abdulhakim AgllEmail author
  • Tarek Hamad
  • Sushrut G. Bapat
  • Yousif Hamad
  • John W. Sheffield
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This chapter provides a design of a drop-in hydrogen fueling station. Drop-in stations are expected to be an important factor in the introduction of hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The stations not only allow a streamlined introduction of hydrogen in the vehicle fueling infrastructure but also act as mini pilot plants that can allow for detailed control studies. The effect of the location and availability of utilities, the closeness of stations to residential areas, safety concerns, general attitudes toward hydrogen, and others are some of the issues that arise with such drop-in stations. The proposed design of a drop-in station mainly considers off-the-shelf items and is conceptualized to be implemented at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. The modular design approach, with the off-the-shelf items, allows for a design with the capacity for mass production and an ease in transport and integration.



The authors wish to thank the Hydrogen Design Solutions Team at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.


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