New Environmentally Friendly Chlorine-Free Solar-Grade Silicon Production Technologies

  • Sergey KarabanovEmail author
  • Victor Yasevich
  • Dmitriy Suvorov
  • Evgeniy Slivkin
  • Andrey Karabanov
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One of the major lines of solar energy development is the creation of environmentally friendly, wasteless, and cheap solar-grade silicon production technologies. Currently the main silicon production technologies are based on a reduction of silicon hydrogen chloride compounds: trichlorosilane, tetrachlorosilane, and monosilane. These technologies use environmentally dangerous and nonfireproof compounds in quantity. Such production levels can be profitable only in large volumes (more than 1000 tons per year). This chapter examines the research results of methods of silicon purification by extraction from a solid phase and plasma-chemical purification of metallurgical-grade silicon from impurities to the solar-grade level.


Silicon Silicon purification PV technology Extraction from a solid phase Plasma 


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  • Evgeniy Slivkin
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