An Exploration of Socially Responsible Music Consumption

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The positive role that music and musicians play in developing awareness and raising funds for a wide variety of social, environmental, and philanthropic causes has been well documented by the popular press and media coverage (Robinson 2012). Consequently, the actions of musicians are under greater levels of scrutiny and fans demand more from musicians than “just” music. For example, live music festivals are expected to address the environmental impact of the events including the availability of recycling, using green power, and offering environmentally friendly merchandise (Laing and Frost 2010). Further, a 2012 survey of over 2000 music festival attendees found that the responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of music festivals generally rests with the organizers and the attendees themselves (A Greener Festival 2012). The question remains regarding how the increasing prominence of such activities by musicians influences music consumers and fans of individual bands and artists. The aim of this study is to explore the role that socially responsible consumption plays in the consumption of music. Specifically we explore the role of social responsibility across a variety of consumption activities including individual decision-making (i.e., downloading music legally, recycling at concerts, avoiding socially irresponsible musicians, and supporting local musicians). In addition we examine the levels of awareness, interest and support for individual musicians, artists, record labels, and live music festivals that engage in socially responsible activities.

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