A Fast Scaling Algorithm for the Weighted Triangle-Free 2-Matching Problem

  • Stepan ArtamonovEmail author
  • Maxim Babenko
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A perfect 2-matching in an undirected graph \(G = (V, E)\) is a function \(x :E \rightarrow \left\{ 0,1,2 \right\} \) such that for each node \(v \in V\) the sum of values x(e) on all edges e incident to v equals 2. If \(\mathop {\text {supp}}\nolimits (x) = \left\{ e \in E \mid x(e) \ne 0 \right\} \) contains no triangles, then x is called triangle-free. Polyhedrally, triangle-free 2-matchings are harder than 2-matchings, but easier than usual 1-matchings.

Concerning the weighted case, Cornuéjols and Pulleyblank devised a combinatorial strongly-polynomial algorithm that finds a perfect triangle-free 2-matching of minimum cost. A suitable implementation of their algorithm runs in \(O(VE \log V)\) time.

In case of integer edge costs in the range [0, C], for both 1- and 2-matchings some faster scaling algorithms are known that find optimal solutions within \(O(\sqrt{V\alpha (E, V)\log {V}}E \log (VC))\) and \(O(\sqrt{V}E \log (VC))\) time, respectively, where \(\alpha \) denotes the inverse Ackermann function. So far, no efficient cost-scaling algorithm is known for finding a minimum-cost perfect triangle-free 2-matching. The present paper fills this gap by presenting such an algorithm with time complexity of \(O(\sqrt{V}E \log {V} \log (VC))\).


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