Cases of Cluster Headache

  • Prab Prabhakar
  • Lynn Macleod
  • Ishaq Abu-ArafehEmail author


Cluster headache is particularly rare in childhood. Two cases of cluster headache are reported here to show some variation in presentation and also the similarities in clinical features. A video clip of the headache is presented for the patient in case one, and extracts of personal accounts are given in case 2. Both cases show cluster headache as a severe and debilitating primary headache disorder that can impact badly on child’s quality of life.

The diagnosis of cluster headache in case 1 was relatively early, but not in case 2 which went undiagnosed for several years, but when appropriate treatment was given, both children had a good response to nasal sumatriptan and high-flow oxygen. Other treatment options will be discussed, and the need for appropriate investigations is also discussed.


Autonomic features Cluster headache Migraine 

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  • Lynn Macleod
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  • Ishaq Abu-Arafeh
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  2. 2.Department of PaediatricsForth Valley Royal HospitalLarbertUK
  3. 3.Paediatric Neurosciences UnitRoyal Hospital for ChildrenGlasgowUK

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