Copyright Literacy in Finnish Libraries, Archives and Museums

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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 552)


Copyright literacy in Finnish libraries, archives, and museums was studied by a web survey as part of a multinational research. The study focused on the awareness concerning national and international copyright legislation and institutions, regulations concerning different aspects of copyright, and sources of copyright information that the respondents would use. 156 completed questionnaires were returned, representing different kinds of memory institutions. The informants were mostly experienced information professionals who were moderately well aware of national legislation and copyright institutions, whereas they were less familiar with respective international regulations. Copyright issues are already and will be in the future even more relevant part of information professional’s expertise and this is emphasized by the need to educate students in this respect.


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The Survey Instrument is result from the research activities in the frame of research project “Copyright Policies of libraries and other cultural institutions”, financed by National Scientific Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Contract № DFNI-К01/0002-21.11.2012 and headed by Tania Todorova from State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria.


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