Using TPM Secure Storage in Trusted High Availability Systems

  • Martin HellEmail author
  • Linus Karlsson
  • Ben Smeets
  • Jelena Mirosavljevic
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9473)


We consider the problem of providing trusted computing functionality in high availability systems. We consider the case where data is required to be encrypted with a TPM protected key. For redundancy, and to facilitate high availability, the same TPM key is stored in multiple computational units, each one ready to take over if the main unit breaks down. This requires the TPM key to be migratable. We show how such systems can be realized using the secure storage of the TPM. Hundreds of millions TPM 1.2 chips have been shipped but with the recent introduction of TPM 2.0, more manufacturers are expected to start shipping this newer TPM. Thus, a migration from TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0 will likely be seen in the next few years. To address this issue, we also provide an API that allows a smooth upgrade from TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0 without having to redesign the communication protocol involving the different entities. The API has been implemented for both TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0.


Trusted computing TPM Migration Certifiable migration key Secure storage 



The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments.


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  • Linus Karlsson
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  • Ben Smeets
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  • Jelena Mirosavljevic
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  2. 2.Ericsson Research, SecurityLundSweden

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