Complications During and After Abdominoplasties

  • Paulo Roberto de Sousa JateneEmail author
  • Maria Cristina Vargas Jatene


Despite significant advances in surgical technique and postoperative management of abdominoplasty, a considerable range of complications still occur. Several studies in the literature show the incidence of these adverse effects, which seems extremely important for understanding and prevention. The purpose of this report is to bring to light some of the most emblematic complications collected from our clinical experience, enriched the series of other services, who kindly gave up their data in order to point out and put under discussion, the handling of such clinical cases and their outcomes.


Abdominoplasty Complications 


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    Email author
  • Maria Cristina Vargas Jatene
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  2. 2.Master of Science of Anesthesiology, Pain Management SpecialistSão PauloBrazil

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