Case 40: Problem Submuscular Implants

  • Robert Yoho
  • Michael J. Higgs
  • John Walker
  • Anthony Erian
  • Mark BermanEmail author


This patient had subfascial saline implants by way of an axillary approach. Three months later she had an anchor scar mastopexy because of drooping. The sagging recurred, and 3 months later she had capsulectomy and submuscular placement of the implants. Now, when she flexes her left pectoralis muscle, the muscle is visible. The discussion included the idea that the original implants were too large and made the ptosis worse. Move the left implant to the subglandular position, to do capsulotomy and revise the mastopexy and use a smaller implant, and perform dual-plane placement of the implants through an areolar approach.

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