Sural Nerve Entrapment

  • Michael N. BrownEmail author
  • Beth S. Pearce
  • Thais Khouri Vanetti


The sural nerve is a pure sensory nerve and can be entrapped in several different locations causing pain in the calf as well as the lateral ankle and foot. When injured by trauma or compression, neuropathic pain, burning, and cutaneous allodynia may occur. Physical examination is considered the principal method of clinical diagnosis of sural nerve neuropathies. This pain condition may be treated with nerve injections or neurolytic or surgical techniques.


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Supplementary material

Video 71.1

Physical exam of the sural nerve at the calf (MOV 30626 kb)

Video 71.2

Landmark-guided injection of the sural nerve at the calf (MOV 18953 kb)

Video 71.3

Landmark-guided injection of the sural nerve at the lateral malleolus (MOV 21556 kb)


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