Common Peroneal Nerve Entrapment

  • Natalia Murinova
  • Sheila C. ChiuEmail author
  • Daniel Krashin
  • Helen W. Karl


Common peroneal nerve pathology is the most common lower extremity mononeuropathy. Dysfunction of this nerve is a cause of foot drop and anterolateral calf sensory disturbances and pain. The pattern of pain and weakness, as well as the mechanism of injury, are clues as to the etiology. This chapter describes the diagnosis and treatment of common peroneal nerve entrapments.


Common peroneal nerve Common fibular nerve Foot drop Calf pain Peroneal tunnel Fibular tunnel Peroneus longus muscle Biceps femoris muscle 

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Physical exam of the common peroneal nerve (MOV 20056 kb)

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Landmark-guided injection of the common peroneal nerve (MOV 26151 kb)


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