Proximal Saphenous Nerve Entrapment: Thigh and Knee

  • Andrea M. Trescot
  • Helen W. Karl
  • Michael N. BrownEmail author
  • Beth S. Pearce


Knee pain is a common reason for people to seek medical care. Its causes are many and varied; accurate diagnosis is central to appropriate therapy. Entrapment or injury of the proximal saphenous nerve or its major infrapatellar branch should be considered as a possibility.


Saphenous nerve Sartorial nerve Infrapatellar saphenous nerve Knee pain Adductor (Hunter’s) canal 

Supplementary material

Video 58.1

Physical exam of the proximal saphenous nerve (MOV 16519 kb)

Video 58.2

Physical exam of the infrapatellar nerve (MOV 37574 kb)

Video 58.3

Landmark-guided injection of the saphenous nerve (MOV 36589 kb)

Video 58.4

Landmark-guided injection of the infrapatellar saphenous nerve (MOV 17969 kb)


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