Deep Branch of the Radial Nerve Entrapment

  • Richard E. SeroussiEmail author
  • Virtaj Singh
  • Helen W. Karl


Entrapment of the deep branch of the radial nerve (DBRN) leads to one of two distinct clinical syndromes. Posterior interosseous nerve syndrome (PINS) is a well-defined, rare, and fairly painless nerve palsy involving some of the wrist extensors and all of the finger extensors. By contrast, radial tunnel syndrome (RTS) is a painful repetitive stress type of injury without “hard” neurologic symptoms. Most of the focus of this chapter will be on RTS, a more commonly diagnosed but more controversial disorder in musculoskeletal practice.


Radial nerve entrapment Posterior interosseous syndrome Radial tunnel syndrome Supinator syndrome 

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Physical exam of the radial nerve at the elbow (MOV 37274 kb)

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Landmark-guided injection of the radial nerve at the elbow (MOV 38763 kb)


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