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Temporary Abdominal Closure

  • William W. HopeEmail author
  • William F. PowersIV


With the shift in strategy to damage control surgery in general and trauma surgical emergencies, surgeons are increasingly faced with the challenge of managing the open abdomen. These complex, critically ill patients are a unique challenge to the surgeon who must prioritize mainly individualized management strategies based on specific goals of care. Several options are available for the management of the open abdomen. Although primary fascial closure is one important goal of surgery, it is not always achievable nor should it be attempted in all patients. Thorough knowledge of the treatment strategies discussed in detail in this chapter is essential to achieving good patient outcomes. Perhaps more important is to know when to apply various strategies and the specific strengths and weaknesses of each. This will allow the surgeon to confidently approach this complex group of patients.


Open Abdomen Temporary Closure Damage control Laparotomy 


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