Onlay Ventral Hernia Repair

  • Nathaniel StoikesEmail author
  • David Webb
  • Guy Voeller


Contemporary onlay ventral hernia repair originated with a novel description by Chevrel in the 1970s. Despite similar outcomes with sublay repairs described by Rives and Stoppa, the translation of these repairs to laparoscopic ventral hernia repair popularized them over Chevrel’s technique. There is good logic and basic science including biomechanics to support the onlay repair in appropriately selected patients. Furthermore, the unique position of the premuscular prosthesis lends for an evolution to the effective use of adhesives for fixation in ventral hernia repair.


Onlay ventral Incisional Hernia Fibrin glue Chevrel Linea alba Premuscular prosthesis Myofascial advancement Adhesives Mesh 

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