Performance Evaluation of Containers for HPC

  • Cristian RuizEmail author
  • Emmanuel Jeanvoine
  • Lucas Nussbaum
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9523)


Container-based virtualization technologies such as LXC or Docker have gained a lot of interest recently, especially in the HPC context where they could help to address a number of long-running issues. Even if they have proven to perform better than full-fledged, hypervisor-based, virtualization solutions, there are still a lot of questions about the use of container solutions in the HPC context. This paper evaluates the performance of Linux-based container solutions that rely on cgroups and namespaces using the NAS parallel benchmarks, in various configurations. We show that containers technology has matured over the years, and that performance issues are being solved.


HPC Virtualization Containers NAS parallel benchmarks 


Experiments presented in this paper were carried out using the Grid’5000 testbed, supported by a scientific interest group hosted by Inria and including CNRS, RENATER and several Universities as well as other organizations (see


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