Proofreading and Revision of the Semantic Classes in the Contemporary Chinese Semantic Dictionary

  • Lingling MuEmail author
  • Hao Li
  • Hongying Zan
  • Xiaobo Feng
  • Yinlong Bi
  • Mengshuang Li
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9332)


The Contemporary Chinese Semantic Dictionary(CSD) is a semantic knowledge base which is developed on the basis of GKB: Grammatical Knowledge Base of Contemporary Chinese. It can support automatic semantic analysis in various natural language processing systems, such as machine translation systems. In order to improve the CSD and prepare it for a wider range of application, the NLP laboratory of Zhengzhou University investigates the current distribution of its semantic classes and revises the unreasonable aspects of its semantic classification according to the latest development of linguistic research, particularly that in lexical semantics. This paper introduces the rules and specifications for proofreading and revising the semantic classes in CSD, the tools developed for these tasks, the statistical analysis of the current distribution of semantic classes and Part-of-Speech in CSD, the problems found in this process, and our reflections on the rules of semantic classification and semantic taxonomy. Our research provides reference and tools for the construction of semantic dictionaries in the future.


Semantic dictionary Semantic knowledge base Semantic class Lexical semantic NLP 


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  • Hongying Zan
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  • Xiaobo Feng
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  • Yinlong Bi
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  • Mengshuang Li
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