Additional Interventions in EUS

  • Truptesh H. Kothari
  • Shivangi T. Kothari
  • Vivek KaulEmail author


The evolution of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) from a purely diagnostic modality to one with multiple therapeutic applications has revolutionized the field of interventional endoscopy. In this chapter, we describe cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic EUS-guided interventions like needle-based confocal laser endomicroscopy (nCLE) and cytobrush sampling of pancreatic cystic lesions, gold fiducial placement, ethanol ablation for pancreatic cystic lesions, coil placement for GI bleeding control, and radiofrequency ablation, to name a few. Only a few of the devices used in these interventions are FDA approved and commercially available in the USA. These interventions appear feasible and are minimally invasive, thus heralding a new era in therapeutic endoscopy using the EUS platform. Further evaluation in animal studies, protocol-based human experience, and subsequent use in the field will ultimately determine the exact role and efficacy of each of these interventions in clinical practice.


Radio-frequency ablation Fiducial placement nCLE Cytobrush Brachytherapy Echoendoscope Gastrointestinal bleeding Alcohol ablation 

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Additional interventional EUS procedures (MOV 187183 kb).


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