Reliability of Manual Assessments in Determining the Types of Vegetation on Railway Tracks

  • Siril YellaEmail author
  • Roger G. Nyberg
  • Narendra K. Gupta
  • Mark Dougherty
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Current day vegetation assessments within railway maintenance are (to a large extent) carried out manually. This study has investigated the reliability of such manual assessments by taking three non-domain experts into account. Thirty-five track images under different conditions were acquired for the purpose. For each image, the raters’ were asked to estimate the cover of woody plants, herbs and grass separately (in %) using methods such as aerial canopy cover, aerial foliar cover and sub-plot frequency. Visual estimates of raters’ were recorded and analysis-of-variance tests on the mean cover estimates were investigated to see whether if there were disagreements between the raters’. Intra-correlation coefficient was used to study the differences between the estimates. Results achieved in this work revealed that seven out of the nine analysis-of-variance tests conducted in this study have demonstrated significant difference in the mean estimates of cover (p < 0.05).


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  • Narendra K. Gupta
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  2. 2.School of Engineering and Built EnvironmentEdinburgh Napier UniversityEdinburghUK

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