A Concept for the Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center in Energy Lab 2.0

  • Clemens Düpmeier
  • Karl-Uwe Stucky
  • Ralf Mikut
  • Veit Hagenmeyer
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9424)


Energy Lab 2.0 is designed as a large experimental test and simulation field for multi-scale and multi-mode energy system facilities at KIT. A Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center (SEnSSiCC) is the core component in terms of information and communication technology. The present article introduces basic concepts for the Control, Monitoring and Visualization Center (CMVC) of SEnSSiCC. The CMVC bundles all communication channels and real facilities, simulation environments, and data repositories into an integrated research environment for planning, control, monitoring, analyzing and visualization of smart grids and their components, and furthermore for evaluating future concepts for smart grid utility operation. Special emphasis is placed on the distributed computing operating system environment setup for the CMVC, the intended use of Big Data technologies, the polyglot approach for data management and analysis, and first concepts for implementing a hybrid agent based simulation environment. Also, the usage of web technologies and microservices are considered as key aspects of the overall architecture.


Energy lab Energy system Microgrid Simulation Visualization Web technology 


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  • Karl-Uwe Stucky
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  • Ralf Mikut
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  • Veit Hagenmeyer
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