Self-Assessment Cases: Basic

  • M. Elizabeth Oates
  • Vincent L. Sorrell


The reader should now be familiar with the technical principles behind image acquisition and should understand the general guidelines regarding interpretation of noncardiac findings during SPECT MPI. Section IV contains 36 challenging cases that the reader can use for reinforcement of learned knowledge and application of interpretative skills. Within this self-assessment section, there are three chapters, each with 12 cases, which have increasing levels of complexity and difficulty: basic (Chap. 27), intermediate (Chap. 28), and advanced (Chap. 29).

 As outlined in Table 3.1, one should review the images to gain a gestalt of the quality and make observations regarding the heart, followed by the extracardiac findings, if any, in the chest and the abdomen. Following a rigorous systematic approach ensures a complete and accurate analysis. One should correlate the findings with clinical history and other imaging, including previous MPI, to formulate a differential diagnosis and determine the clinical significance. Describing the findings as “hot” and/or “cold” relative to normal biodistribution patterns is quite helpful in this regard.

 Chapter 27 contains the 12 basic self-assessment cases. Good luck!


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