Digital Art Conservation: Review of the Book and an Itinerant Exhibition Resulting from a European Project



“Digital Media Art in the Upper Rhine Valley. Conservation – Restoration – Sustainability” is a European project that ran from January 2010 to December 2012 by ZKM (Centre for Art and Media) and five partners from France and Switzerland in the upper Rhine valley. The exhibition, entitled, “Digital Art Conservation. The Challenges of Conservation,” curated by Bernhard Serexhe, Chiara Marchini Camia, and Arnauld Obermann was presented to various partners. It featured the 10 case studies from the project, from iconic media art pieces such as Jeffrey Shaw’s Legible City to contemporary Macromedia Director works such as Antoine Schmitt’s “still living”. Older works display the problem of hardware that became difficult to preserve, sometimes of analogue signals, which drew attention to the future of the contemporary. Some works were updated in the framework of the project. A book was published afterwards, with the same title, on the theoretical background.


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