An Industrial Experience in Cross Domain Assurance Projects

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Companies related to safety critical systems developments invest efforts and resources to assure that their systems are safe enough. Traditionally reuse strategies have been proposed to reduce these efforts in several domains which criticality is not a key aspect. However reusing software artefacts across different domains establishes new challenges especially between safety critical systems. In fact we need to take into account different domain specific standards requirements at the same time. In this paper we present our experience on cross domain assurance involving a reuse of a software component developed for the railway domain, and to be used for the avionics domain.


Compliance Cross domain Reuse DO-178 EN 50128 


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  1. 1.ICT – European Software Institute DivisionTecnaliaDerioSpain
  2. 2.Airworthiness & Certification DirectorateThales AvionicsToulouseFrance

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