Application of Large-Scale Phase-Field Simulations in the Context of High-Performance Computing

  • Johannes HötzerEmail author
  • Marcus Jainta
  • Marouen Ben Said
  • Philipp Steinmetz
  • Marco Berghoff
  • Britta Nestler
Conference paper


In material science, simulations became a common tool for the understanding of the underlying behaviour of different classes of materials. Due to the growing complexity of problems at hand, the simulation domains, and therefore the computational effort is steadily increasing. We presents various application of the phase-field method; ranging from the solidification of ternary eutectics and pure ice systems to the interaction of multiple liquid phases on fibers. All these topics have in common, that they need a large number of cores to investigate the decisive physical effects in adequate time. We show an overview of the results for this wide range of applications and the scaling behaviour of the used software frameworks.


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