Ontologies for Web of Things: A Pragmatic Review

  • Maxim KolchinEmail author
  • Nikolay Klimov
  • Alexey Andreev
  • Ivan Shilin
  • Daniil Garayzuev
  • Dmitry Mouromtsev
  • Danil Zakoldaev
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 518)


Web of Things (WoT) is another area where Semantic Web technologies provides a foundation for effective data access through a unified data model that in its turn realises interoperability among all components of WoT landscape. There exists significant amount of research focusing on applying RDF data model, OWL ontologies and Reasoning in different WoT scenarios, such as home automation, Industry 4.0 and etc. But so far this approach didn’t get wide adoption beyond research community. In this paper we attempt to answer the question: Are existing ontologies ready to form an ontology framework for annotating real-world devices? By the example of three real-world devices, we review existing ontologies which can be used to describe their facilities, location and etc. And in the end, we present an instrument to generate semantic descriptions for such devices.


OWL Ontology Web of things Knowledge engineering 


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  • Nikolay Klimov
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  • Alexey Andreev
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  • Ivan Shilin
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  • Daniil Garayzuev
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  • Dmitry Mouromtsev
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  • Danil Zakoldaev
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