Towards a System for Cloud Service Discovery and Composition Based on Ontology

  • Rawand GuerfelEmail author
  • Zohra Sbaï
  • Rahma Ben Ayed
Conference paper
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Cloud computing has become a widely used concept. It is characterized by its elasticity, its on demand services and the unlimited resources provided to end users. However, the increase of services number offered by different providers causes sometimes ambiguity problems. So, ontology must be used to relate between different services in order to facilitate their access. Many languages expressing ontology have been proposed namely RDF, OWL, etc. To access them, queries should be expressed using SPARQL. However, generally, users are not familiar with this query language. Therefore, there is a need to an interface allowing them to express their requirements without any expertise in SPARQL language. Besides, given the increase of complex service requirements, it is sometimes necessary to compose services to meet final user requirements.

This paper gives related works on Cloud service discovery based on ontology and composition and presents a system ensuring these procedures.


Cloud computing Services discovery Cloud ontology OWL Cloud composition 


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