Remote Collaboration, Decision Support, and On-Demand Medical Image Analysis for Acute Stroke Care

  • Renan Sales BarrosEmail author
  • Jordi Borst
  • Steven Kleynenberg
  • Céline Badr
  • Rama-Rao Ganji
  • Hubrecht de Bliek
  • Landry-Stéphane Zeng-Eyindanga
  • Henk van den Brink
  • Charles Majoie
  • Henk Marquering
  • Sílvia Delgado Olabarriaga
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Acute stroke is the leading cause of disabilities and the fourth cause of death worldwide. The treatment of stroke patients often requires fast collaboration between medical experts and fast analysis and sharing of large amounts of medical data, especially image data. In this situation, cloud technologies provide a potentially cost-effective way to optimize management of stroke patients and, consequently, improve patient outcome. This paper presents a cloud-based platform for Medical Distributed Utilization of Services & Applications (MEDUSA). This platform aims at improving current acute care settings by allowing fast medical data exchange, advanced processing of medical image data, automated decision support, and remote collaboration between physicians in a secure and responsive virtual space. We describe a prototype implemented in the MEDUSA platform for supporting the treatment of acute stroke patients. As the initial evaluation illustrates, this prototype improves several aspects of current stroke care and has the potential to play an important role in the care management of acute stroke patients.


Acute care Cloud computing Decision support High performance computing Medical image analysis Remote collaboration Stroke Telemedicine 


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  • Rama-Rao Ganji
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  • Hubrecht de Bliek
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  • Landry-Stéphane Zeng-Eyindanga
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  • Henk van den Brink
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  • Charles Majoie
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  • Henk Marquering
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  • Sílvia Delgado Olabarriaga
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