Probabilistic Query Answering in the Bayesian Description Logic \(\mathcal {BE{}L}\)

  • İsmail İlkan CeylanEmail author
  • Rafael Peñaloza
Conference paper
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\(\mathcal {BE{}L}\) is a probabilistic description logic (DL) that extends the light-weight DL \(\mathcal {E{}L}\) with a joint probability distribution over the axioms, expressed with the help of a Bayesian network (BN). In recent work it has been shown that the complexity of standard logical reasoning in \(\mathcal {BE{}L}\) is the same as performing probabilistic inferences over the BN.

In this paper we consider conjunctive query answering in \(\mathcal {BE{}L}\). We study the complexity of the three main problems associated to this setting: computing the probability of a query entailment, computing the most probable answers to a query, and computing the most probable context in which a query is entailed. In particular, we show that all these problems are tractable w.r.t. data and ontology complexity.


Bayesian Network Description Logic Reasoning Task Conjunctive Query Query Answering 
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