Sentence-Normalized Conditional Narrowing Modulo in Rewriting Logic and Maude

  • Luis Aguirre
  • Narciso Martí-OlietEmail author
  • Miguel Palomino
  • Isabel Pita
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9200)


This work studies the relationship between verifiable and computable answers for reachability problems in rewrite theories with an underlying membership equational logic. These problems have the form
$$\begin{aligned} (\exists \bar{x})t(\bar{x})\rightarrow ^* t'(\bar{x}) \end{aligned}$$
with \(\bar{x}\) some variables, or a conjunction of several of these subgoals. A calculus that solves this kind of problems working always with normalized terms and substitutions has been developed. Given a reachability problem in a rewrite theory, this calculus can compute any normalized answer that can be checked by rewriting, or one that can be instantiated to that answer. Special care has been taken in the calculus to keep membership information attached to each term, to make use of it whenever possible.


Maude Narrowing Reachability Rewriting logic Unification Membership equational logic 



We are very grateful to the anonymous referees for all their helpful comments.


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  • Narciso Martí-Oliet
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