Using COBIT 5 for Risk to Develop Cloud Computing SLA Evaluation Templates

  • Onyeka IllohEmail author
  • Shaun Aghili
  • Sergey Butakov
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The use of cloud services as a business solution keeps growing, but there are significant associated risks that must be addressed. Despite the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing, service integration and alignment with existing enterprise architecture remains an ongoing priority. Typically, quality of services provided is outlined in a service level agreement (SLA). A deficient template for evaluating, negotiating and selecting cloud SLAs could result in legal, regulatory, and monetary penalties, in addition to loss of public confidence and reputation. This research emphasizes (or advocates) the implementation of the proposed SLA evaluation template aimed at cloud services, based on the COBIT 5 for Risk framework. A gap analysis of existing SLAs was done to identify loopholes, followed by a resultant template where identified gaps were addressed.


Cloud computing Cloud users Cloud providers Service level agreements Software as a service Platform as a service Infrastructure as a service Everything as a service COBIT 5 for risk 



The first author will like to thank Concordia University of Edmonton’s research team for their guidance and support in the completion of this work. Their efforts, knowledge and experience were instrumental in making this paper a success. She acknowledges the Academic Research Council for the Student Research Grant awarded to her. She is also thankful to God Almighty, her family and friends; this has been a journey and she is very grateful for their love, support and encouragement.


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